The causes and six solutions of the paper cracking

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Reasons and six solutions for the phenomenon of "inner paper cracking" in corrugated paper

inner paper cracking in corrugated paper refers to the phenomenon of cracking at the top and bottom of corrugated paper, which is a common quality defect in production. It will generally cause paperboard burst, edge pressure reduction and other hazards. This paper outlines the common causes of 7 kinds of lining paper cracking and six solutions

seven causes of broken corrugated paper inside

what is the phenomenon of broken corrugated paper inside

broken corrugated paper inside refers to the phenomenon of broken corrugated top and bottom, which is a common quality defect in production. It will generally cause paperboard burst, edge pressure reduction and other hazards

seven causes of paper breakage in corrugated paper

1 For example, the single corrugation is the broken tiles on the glue surface: the gap between the pressure roller and the corrugating roller is too small. When the paper is bonded with the inner paper, the inner paper and the corrugated paper will be extruded and broken. If the temperatures of the corrugating roller and the pressure roller are both high, the corrugated paper will be broken seriously. At the same time, the lining paper will also be crushed and broken, forming a cracking phenomenon. The most common is that the lining paper has black lines. In 2016 (2) and 2018, a financial fund of 200million yuan will be arranged

2. Unreasonable ridge design: the combination of R and R cannot meet the needs of thick paper. This kind of situation is easy to occur on E-shaped and B-shaped corrugated paper. When producing high gram weight corrugated paper, the corrugated paper is not easy to form, which will increase the pressure of the corrugated rod, resulting in the rupture of the corrugated paper and damage to the inner paper

3. New roll high-speed lining paper cracking: the surface finish is not good, and the surface roughness leads to uneven pressure, which will accelerate the market capacity expansion in the future

4. The inner paper breaks when receiving paper: the paper receiving machine and the brake do not control the tension of the corrugated paper in time. When the moisture content of the base paper is too large and the tension is too small, the corrugated forming is poor, resulting in cracking

5. No paper receiving machine: the corrugated paper tension is relatively large

6. The corrugation eccentricity is seriously unbalanced

7. The inner paper breaks when the core is small: under the condition of minimum braking, the ejector pin of the paper holder may be unbalanced and mechanically locked, resulting in excessive tension of the base paper and cracking

six countermeasures for corrugated paper lining rupture

1. If the new roll high material lining is broken, check whether the R-R difference of corrugated type design is reasonable, and properly reduce the corrugated pressure

2. The high-speed lining paper of the new roll is broken: the surface of the corrugating roll is polished again

3. The inner paper is broken during the small roll: check the level of the ejector pin and whether the upper and lower slider keys are worn. If worn, reverse or replace it in time. At the same time, loosen the ejector pin properly during the small roll

4. The paper in the paper receiving machine is broken: adjust the parameters of the paper receiving machine. In particular, the adaptability to low gram weight and low-grade base paper. With the widespread use of low gram weight or low-grade base paper by domestic enterprises to reduce costs, web wrinkles, web tears, tile collapse and other phenomena have followed. At present, high-performance paper receiving machines have greatly improved their adaptability to base paper through Web flattening technology, multiple buffering technology and small tension control technology

5. The inner paper on the corrugated upper rubber surface is broken: the gap between the rubber roller and the corrugated roller can be readjusted. (adjust under hot engine condition)

6. No paper receiving machine: the operator must adjust the tension of corrugated paper in time according to the diameter of the paper roll

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