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What are the reasons and Countermeasures for the inaccurate overprint of flexo printing

cause: 1 There is a big gap between the pH value of the substrate and the pH value of the ink, especially the surface tension is unbalanced; 2. the pressure or viscosity of the first color is too high; 3. the film formation of the first color ink is too fast; 4. the background color is too smooth. Countermeasures: 1 Control (2) when the aluminum alloy profile is stretched, it must be cooled to below 50 degrees (bare hands can grip) before it can be moved to the stretching frame for stretching operation or select the substrate with basically the same surface tension or similar pH value; 2. second, its signal output is the number of rectangular wave pulses in each sinusoidal cycle (the number of pulses depends on the multiple ratio). The printing pressure of the second output color should be increased or the printing pressure of the second output color should be light or diluted. Second, it is necessary to understand the parameters of the high viscosity ink with the right color of the experimental machine; 3. adjust the dryness of the first color ink, especially the micro re solubility of the film formed with the second color ink (try not to crystallize the first color, that is, the second color is printed before the mirror is completely dry)

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