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Using PDM to support CAD -- a discussion on the compressive strength of cartons: Here we introduce PDM and it's problems of application Kang Xiaodong (Tianjin Medical University) abstract: on the basis of adhesion on the relationships, this paper discussed the function and problems of development of PDM.

key words: the overall planned capacity of project C is 40000 tons/year AD, cam, cae

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the application of CAD system will make enterprises have great technological progress and good benefits. However, it is uneconomical to only introduce CAD as a drawing tool, and even bring negative effects. Because: (1) CAD is a discrete system. Due to the differences in file formats and application environments, it is difficult to exchange information, resulting in a reduction in the degree of information sharing among enterprises. (2) Considering that the traditional technical documents are paper media and the management is manual, even if CAD/CAM system is applied, the repetitive design of technical documents is inevitable. The reusability of the design is poor and the speed of information transmission is slow. (3) The large relational database used now is not easy to realize the integration and support of CAD/CAM process, and can not realize all kinds of information integration based on CAD/CAPP/CAM. To fundamentally solve these problems, one of the better ways is to use PDM system, that is, to realize CAX with the help of PDM. 1 PDM system and its management function

PDM translation product data management. To sum up, PDM is to integrate and manage information, processes, people and organizations related to products. It can realize data sharing in distributed environment and provide an integrated application platform for heterogeneous computer environment, so as to support the realization of CAD/CAPP/CAM system process

The PDM system is supported by the distributed data processing technology in the network environment, adopts the client/server architecture and object-oriented design method, realizes the information management of the whole product life cycle, coordinates and controls the workflow and project progress, and establishes a parallel product development and cooperation environment within the enterprise. See Figure 1 for the architecture of PDM system

Figure 1 management is the most important function of PDM system. With PDM, data valut and document management, product configuration management, workflow management, classification and retrieval functions and project management can be realized. As the basic requirement of PDM, its management function is embodied in:

1.1 in the realization of electronic reference room and document management

the objects of PDM for document management can be original files,

design files, process files, etc., and its management model can be graphic files, data files, text files, table files, or even multimedia files. Because PDM processes files or maintains the integrity of files, that is, the so-called "packaging" method; Or use the method of extracting file data, that is, the so-called "fragmentation", so as to complete the conversion and management of files in different formats, and then establish a complete file describing the object in the product life cycle, so as to facilitate the query and retrieval of users and support the work of CAD/CAPP/CAM

electronic reference room is the core of PDM. When documents related to products are stored in different media under PDM management, the security and centralized modification of documents through permission control must be carried out through the electronic reference room

1.2 in terms of product configuration management, product configuration management takes the electronic reference room as the low-level support, takes the bill of materials as the organizational core, links all engineering data and documents that define the final product, and maintains and manages product objects and their relationships. So that all departments can share a unified product configuration throughout the product life cycle, and generate corresponding product design views, assembly views and process views according to the product definitions in different stages

1.3 in terms of workflow management, workflow of process management is mainly used to modify, track and control product design. Workflow management is the foundation of project management

at present, the commercial PDM system mainly submits, approves and distributes documents by e-mail

it is worth noting that although both PDM and MRP take product structure as the core, MRP is mainly material oriented and production process oriented, while PDM is more product-oriented and product configuration oriented, and the two are different. Generally speaking, PDM not only automatically transmits all product information required to MRP, but also the production plan, materials, maintenance services and other information related to products generated in MRP can be uniformly scheduled, managed and transmitted by PDM. In the process of using CAD, it is better to realize the integration of PDM and MRP. 2. The commercialized PDM system

pdm system can only be implemented in the network environment. Through experiments, we conclude that PVC SG (7) or PVC SG (8) is more suitable as the matrix resin of pvc/wood plastic composites; 100 mesh wood flour is hardware

there are many commercialized PDM system software, and the widely used ones are mainly the Iman system of EDS company, optegra system of CV company, metaphase system of SDRC company and product manager system of IBM company

the same point of the above PDM software is that they all adopt functional module design, and the main difference is that they focus on different aspects. Among them, Iman system and optegra system have more functions, and the former has a little more applications in China. Metaphase system is convenient for wide area connection, and the database function of product manager system is relatively complete. 3 development trend of PDM

as an integrated application platform for heterogeneous computer environment, PDM supporting the realization of CAD/CAPP/CAM system process is one of the most popular technologies in the world at present. While it is increasingly widely used in China, it is also becoming more and more mature, which is mainly reflected in:

(1) taking into account different application systems, the language described by itself is more standardized

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