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Two development directions of car topcoat

two development directions of car topcoat

December 17, 2003

car topcoat plays a role in protecting the car from corrosion and beautifying the appearance, and is one of the most important indicators of vehicle quality. Because spraying paint accounts for 20% of the total cost of car production, and what buyers first notice is the color of finish paint and the quality of spraying, which has a great impact on the transaction. Therefore, automobile manufacturers attach great importance to the car finish technology, and often invest huge funds and manpower to develop and improve the car finish, emphasizing the first impression of people's vision

the paint surface of the car requires high reflection rate and bright as a mirror. In addition to the quality of paint, there are also high requirements for workshop environment and process technology. During the process from vehicle body painting to paint baking, the air in the workshop should be clean and there should be no excessive dust. In the modern chemical field, the color matching and spraying methods of paint have achieved computerized management. Due to the progress of science and technology, today's spraying process is very different from that of more than ten years ago. No matter the color, cohesiveness, additives, stabilizers, large stroke of dissolution system and process technology of the paint have changed, and this change is still in progress, which greatly improves the quality of car finish

there are two biggest changes in modern car finish technology:

one is that the adhesion and hardness of the paint have been greatly improved. With the increase of the speed, the car is more vulnerable to the attack of gravel and dust airflow, and the paint surface is easy to be scratched. In 1988, Ford Motor Company of the United States took the lead in using local polyurethane primer surface coating system on Thunderbird and puma cars. This paint system can resist the attack of gravel, is not easy to scratch the paint surface, and the paint adhesion is very strong. Even if the car body is crushed, the paint will not fall off. At present, most cars use similar anti impact primer and finish

another is to replace soluble paint with water-based paint. With the increasingly stringent legal measures for environmental protection in the world, many automobile manufacturers in developed countries have gradually replaced soluble paint with water-based paint. The water-based paint contains very little solvent, does not pollute the natural environment, and the paint quality is better than the soluble paint, which is more likely to be completed in sequence after setting once; Bright and pleasing to the eye. Therefore, although the cost of changing production is large, automobile manufacturers in Europe, America and Japan still aim at water-based paint and start to use it. Since the 1990s, Mercedes Benz in Germany has used water-based paint as much as possible to minimize the proportion of solvents harmful to the environment. According to the company, all Mercedes Benz cars have used water-based paint

in order to improve the market competitiveness, many large automobile manufacturers have made a commitment to users that the body is guaranteed for more than 10 years, and have carried out various reforms on the body painting process. For example, the surface treatment before painting is generally composed of nine to fifteen processes to achieve the best anti-corrosion cleaning effect. The primer coating is changed from anodic electrophoretic coating to cathodic electrophoretic coating. This change from Yang to Yin improves the corrosion resistance of the material by five to six times. After the pneumatic paint from all aspects of society is dried, all welding joints of the car body should be coated with a kind of sealant to ensure that the car body has good air tightness and water resistance. The car body bottom should be coated with polyurethane, polyester resin and other coatings to prevent the impact of small stones and hard objects. Next, spray another layer (intermediate coating) to strengthen the hardness of the paint surface, prevent cracking, improve the freshness of the paint surface (image clarity), and create a smooth foundation for the finish paint. Then spray finish paint to enhance freshness and acid resistance. The top coat is mainly composed of ordinary natural color paint, metal flash color paint, pearlescent color paint, etc. now cars mostly use metal flash color paint and pearlescent color paint. After spraying these top coats, they are sprayed with finishing varnish, which can make the whole body as bright as a mirror

at present, the spraying process of car bodies is generally carried out according to these procedures. Ordinary car bodies are sprayed with three layers, which are composed of cathodic electrophoretic primer, intermediate coat and finishing coat. Some medium and high-end car bodies are sprayed with four to five layers, which are composed of cathodic electrophoretic primer, intermediate coat one to two layers and finishing coat one to two layers, so as to achieve a high decorative appearance

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