On October 23, the closing price of Styrene Market

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On October 23, the closing price of Styrene Market in Asia fell by $14/ton

on Tuesday (October 23), the overall domestic atmosphere was depressed, and the market transaction was still in a downward trend, and the transaction was not prosperous. Asian market: on Monday, the Asian styrene market closed down $14/ton to close at 1345 5 US dollars/ton FOB Korea

East China market: in the morning, the intentional negotiation price of styrene in East China market was around 12250 yuan/ton (out of the tank in Zhangjiagang). Although there was no sign of large-scale transaction, there was no low price. In the afternoon, the styrene market negotiation in East China weakened slightly, and the mainstream negotiation was at yuan/ton (the tank was delivered from Zhangjiagang), so it was difficult to see a large volume of transactions

South China market: in the morning, the styrene market quotation in South China was delivered at yuan/ton, and the market negotiation was flat. In the afternoon, the mainstream transaction price of styrene in South China was, the price weakened slightly, and the negotiation and transaction were limited

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influencing factors and the distance from the center of the market pressure head to the fuselage: 165mm potential: the current domestic styrene market mentality is sad, coupled with sufficient supply, weak downstream demand, and bad external market, market participants expect the domestic market to be weak in the short term

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