Seminar held during the most popular Matrox German

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Seminar held during Matrox German Vision Exhibition

Canada matroximaging will hold a free machine vision seminar during the exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany, from November 4 to 5, 2008

several of these meetings will focus on M "atroximaginglibrary 9.0 (MIL) - a tool set for industrial imaging applications. Topics include how mtl9 uses multi-core CPU, GPU, and FPGA technologies to offload and improve image processing, color analysis, and 3D imaging. Another meeting will describe how to use and develop FPGA architecture with matroximagingfdk2.0. The above meeting language is English

in addition, the matroxdesignassistant seminar will also show you the development of various applications under the integrated development environment of M, due to the electrothermal conversion efficiency of graphene up to 99% atroxdesi conditioning ruler gnassistant, as well as the matroxiris series of smart cameras. Beginners can learn how to set up image capture and conduct positioning, measurement, reading, partial recognition, communication and i/o operations in the flowchart based graphical user interface

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