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The seminar on independent innovation and application of instruments and the comparison meeting of the standard template drawings of V-shaped and U-shaped notches of impact samples on the projection screen were held in Beijing. On March 26, which is commonly referred to as the "slippery day", the "seminar on independent innovation and application system construction of domestic scientific instruments" was held in Beijing

in order to promote the construction of independent innovation and application system of domestic scientific instruments, implement the guiding opinions on promoting the construction of industrial technological innovation strategic alliance issued by six departments including the Ministry of science and technology, cooperate with the Ministry of science and technology to accelerate the establishment of a technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body, market orientation and the combination of industry, University and research, revitalize the domestic scientific instruments and equipment industry, and improve the technological innovation ability of the domestic scientific instruments industry, The "seminar on independent innovation and application system construction of domestic scientific instruments" hosted by the research group of "independent innovation and application system construction of scientific instruments" of Beijing Academy of science and technology was held in Beijing on March 26th, 2009. Relevant leaders from the Department of science and technology of the Ministry of science and technology, the Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology, the Municipal Academy of science and technology and relevant subordinate units, as well as the heads of a number of domestic instrument manufacturers attended the meeting. Relevant units such as instrument information were also invited to attend

the main topics of this meeting include the following four parts:

⑴ what bottlenecks do enterprises encounter in the independent innovation activities of scientific instruments

⑵ what policy support does the enterprise need from the government in the independent research and development of scientific instruments

⑶ what favorable policy and legal environment does the government need to create in the market transformation of scientific and technological achievements

⑷ the necessity and feasibility of establishing a technological innovation application and demonstration Alliance for Beijing's scientific instrument industry

the meeting was presided over by Dr. zhangjinghua, deputy director of the Municipal Academy of scientific research. Mr. Ma Jinhe and Dr. Zheng Jian, Department of finance of the Ministry of science and technology, and Mr. Wang Hui, deputy director of the advanced manufacturing office of the Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology, spoke at the meeting, introducing to the delegates some of the latest policy spirit of the state to encourage independent innovation. 2. The system has reliable operational performance. They listened carefully to the practical problems and difficulties encountered in independent innovation activities mentioned by the representatives of instrument manufacturers, and hoped that the government would provide help and support

Mr. liuqingjun, deputy chief engineer of Beijing Academy of Sciences and director of the center of physics and chemistry, made a brief introduction to the relevant situation of the project "independent innovation and application system construction of scientific instruments", and expressed welcome and thanks to you on behalf of the organizer. Mr. Zhang Xiaoqiang, director of Beijing scientific instrument and equipment cooperation service center, spoke on actively doing a good job of cooperation services for the innovation of domestic scientific instruments under the guidance of relevant departments of the Municipal Science and Technology Commission

around the theme of this meeting, many leaders and experts of domestic scientific instrument enterprises who are mainly applicable to the mechanical laboratories of scientific research departments, industrial and mining enterprises and colleges and universities to measure the change performance of materials spoke enthusiastically. Mr. Tang Rong, vice president of time group, introduced the recent overall situation of the company, And talked about "At present, the global financial crisis has a great impact on the instrument export of time group, but the financial crisis has little impact on its domestic market; in terms of independent innovation of instruments, time group has increased its R & D investment and is ready to introduce some technologies for secondary development; in terms of policy support, it is hoped that when enterprises introduce talents, relevant departments will relax the policy of foreign talents settling in Beijing; in order to strengthen patent protection, it is very supportive of the establishment of the instrument industry federation Alliance "

Mr. Chen Jiwen, deputy general manager of Beijing NACK Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd., also introduced the overall situation of the company: "In terms of independent innovation of instruments, enterprises should change their thinking and do not imitate others. On the basis of government support, enterprises should increase R & D investment; hope to establish cluster industrial zones to drive the development of related industries; on the issue of talents, we should strengthen independent training while introducing talents; the government should strengthen industry supervision to avoid being acquired by foreign enterprises when domestic instrument enterprises have great development and good prospects"

Mr. sunjinlong, development director of Beijing puxie General Instruments Co., Ltd., said: "The global financial crisis is both a challenge and an opportunity for domestic instrument manufacturers. From the current situation, the impact of the financial crisis on pervasive analysis is not significant; in terms of research and development, domestic instrument enterprises should make high independent innovation from three aspects: first, the research and development of core components of instruments, second, the research and development of complete instruments, and third, the development of overall solutions.

Mr. liumingzhong, chairman of Beijing Jitian Instrument Co., Ltd., hopes that the government will make progress in standard setting Favor domestic instrument manufacturers, especially hope to give strong support to domestic manufacturers in participating in the formulation of international standards, and promote good domestic products to the world; Mr. zhangyongming, President of Beijing Zhongke Scientific Instrument Technology Development Co., Ltd., emphasized the issue of "effectively transforming the scientific research achievements of scientific research institutions into commodities and implementing the commercialization of instrument technology"; Wang Zhengfan, a researcher from China Association of analysis and testing, hopes "Government bidding procurement accounts for a large proportion in China's instrument market, especially after the financial crisis, the market share of government procurement will be larger. When purchasing instruments, I hope that the responsible comrades of relevant government departments should first have confidence in domestic instruments and introduce relevant policies to favor excellent domestic instruments.

at the meeting, experts and leaders of domestic instrument enterprises made their own insightful speeches, which won everyone from time to time Warm applause. The main problems reflected by enterprises and experts are also mainly focused on talents, core technology sources and government procurement. After listening to the opinions of the participants, the relevant person in charge of the meeting said that after the meeting, it would be sorted into a volume according to the discussion opinions and reported to the relevant national departments

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