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Coal mine water disaster prevention and horizontal directional drilling application technology seminar held

coal mine water disaster prevention and horizontal directional drilling application technology seminar held

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Guide: on May 29 and 31, the 2012 national coal mine water disaster prevention and near horizontal kilometer directional drilling underground application technology seminar hosted by China Coal Machinery Industry Association and hosted by Shenyang North Communications heavy industry group was grandly held in Yunnan. From the State Council emergency management office, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the National Energy Administration

From May 29 to 31, the 2012 'National Symposium on water disaster prevention and control in coal mines and downhole application technology of near horizontal kilometer directional drilling rigs, hosted by China Coal Machinery Industry Association and hosted by Shenyang Northern communications heavy industry group, was held in Yunnan. Leaders from the Emergency Management Office of the State Council, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national energy administration, the State Administration of work safety, the national work safety mine rescue command center, the people's Government of Liaoning Province, the people's Government of Yunnan Province, and provincial and municipal coal industry departments, industry associations, and coal production enterprises, as well as many authoritative experts and scholars in the field of water disaster prevention and control in domestic coal mines gathered at the event

this symposium was presided over by xuyaxiong, President of China Coal Machinery Industry Association. Qu Kai, chairman of Shenyang North transportation heavy industry group, the organizer, delivered a welcome speech, extending a warm welcome to all leaders, experts and representatives, and expressing heartfelt thanks to leaders at all levels, guests and users who have cared for and supported the construction and development of northern transportation for many years. Chairman Qu Kai pointed out in his speech that this meeting was held at the request of colleagues in the industry and in response to the national policy of comprehensively promoting the prevention and control of water disasters to a new level during the 12th Five Year Plan period and promoting the fundamental improvement of the situation of coal mine safety production. The meeting will play an important role in promoting the work of water prevention and control in China's coal mines by studying relevant national laws and regulations on water disaster prevention and control and exchanging experience and technology. Subsequently, he introduced in detail the development plan of the North Communications drilling equipment division, the R & D plan and achievements of drilling rig products. He said that in recent years, northern communications has been committed to the safety production of China's coal mines, taking providing advanced, reliable and efficient coal mine equipment as its own responsibility, and has become one of the most important coal machinery suppliers in China's coal industry. In view of the water and gas control work in coal mines, the drilling equipment division has been established. At present, it has developed into a scientific research service-oriented unit combining the research and development of drilling equipment and the research of drilling technology in China. Since its establishment, the Division has also successively established engineering, technology and service departments such as geophysical exploration engineering department, drilling engineering company, drilling technology research institute, drilling technology training center, etc. From scheme design to operator training, from equipment manufacturing to supporting technology, from providing equipment and technical guidance to providing project contracting, we will provide comprehensive, full process and systematic services for the majority of coal production enterprises, and do our best to provide scientific and technological support for the occurrence of coal mine gas and water disasters and accidents

at the morning high-level seminar, Shang haitaowei, director of the development Working Committee of China coal mine and coal city and former chief engineer of the Ministry of coal, Wu Qiang, director of the Institute of water disaster prevention and water resources of China University of Mines (Beijing), and Yu Jingcun, Professor of China University of mining and technology, delivered speeches respectively, reviewing and analyzing the deep-seated contradictions and problems faced by the development of the coal industry, discussing and exchanging water disaster prevention, treatment The most advanced technologies and models in disaster emergency rescue and prevention theory, etc. the Alliance for technological innovation and industrialization of new chemical materials of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which was established this time, explored the "three in one" three chain linkage operation mode of "innovation alliance + transformation platform + industrial fund"

exchange new achievements in the prevention and control of water disasters in coal mines, and help the intrinsic safety. 2. Requirements for PP materials for interior parts. Full type coal mine construction.

at the afternoon technical exchange meeting, fan Weiping, vice chairman of northern communications, and the project leaders of the drilling equipment business department and the rescue equipment business department made the following speeches respectively, "working principles and development trends of underground directional drilling rigs" The technical lectures themed "construction of water exploration directional drilling 2. Performance characteristics and process measures of well cover pressure fatigue testing machine", "advantages and construction points of drainage directional drilling", "comprehensive application of geophysical exploration methods in water disaster prevention and control in coal mines" introduced in detail the application of near water kilometer directional drilling rig and its drilling technology, underground gas drainage of drilling rig, water exploration and drainage and other fields, The technical progress of the third generation tunnel boring machine of northern transportation and the progress in the design and application of permanent refuge chambers were reported, which was highly praised by the guests at the meeting

this meeting is a meeting held by the organizer under the guidance of the national policies and guidelines on coal mine safety production and disaster prevention. It provides an exchange platform and discussion opportunity for engineering and technical personnel engaged in coal mine water disaster prevention and control to understand the new technologies and methods of coal mine water disaster detection and prevention, The characteristics of the hardware of the tensile testing machine for coal mine insulation strips in the future: the prevention and control of water disasters has broadened the thinking, and it is a special technical summit with wide content and high level

northern communications actively participated in organizing industrial technology exchange activities, built a broad exchange platform for colleagues in the coal industry to discuss and exchange new technologies, new processes and new equipment of coal safety equipment, and also provided a large number of advanced and reliable technical equipment for coal production, becoming the most dynamic and innovative backbone enterprise in China's coal machinery enterprises. In particular, the nearly horizontal kilometer directional drilling rig, which took nearly three years to develop and complete, provides a new, effective and professional solution for engineering construction drilling in the fields of coal mine gas, water disaster prevention, coal seam geological exploration and so on. Its application makes the coal industry not only take into account the problems of production safety, but also effectively improve the mining efficiency, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the coal industry

in recent years, adhering to the development concept of "science and technology promote industrial progress", northern transportation adheres to the equal emphasis on scientific research and industry, and has formed an industrial cluster supported by core technologies such as roadheader, near horizontal kilometer directional drilling rig, coal mining machinery, trackless rubber tyred vehicle, washing and sorting complete equipment, mining rescue equipment, etc., actively promoting scientific and technological progress and improving independent innovation ability, It has further promoted the localization process of China's coal machinery and equipment

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