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HP will officially launch ink ordering and delivery service in the United States

according to the report of photizo group, an American research organization, HP plans to officially launch ink ordering and delivery service in the United States. At the same time, best buy will become its first retail partner to launch the service, and Office Max will also launch the service in mid October

HP said that users using the corresponding printers can voluntarily subscribe to the service. Customers pay a monthly fee, while HP delivers the replacement cartridge to their home. HP monitors the amount of paper printed through the customer printer's connection to the network. This allows the customer to receive a replacement cartridge before the ink in the cartridge runs out. Customers can also monitor the usage of ink by themselves, and the failure rate of ordering account will be higher through page management. The project provides three price levels for customers to choose. Customers can choose at will or withdraw from the subscription at any time

photizo said that HP's move was to deal with the recent media exposure of high ink prices and customer complaints about ink prices. This program can help subscribers save up to 50% of their expenses; It also saves the time to go back and forth to the shops, relieves the risk of ink interruption in the process of printing important documents, and makes printing more convenient and easy. Photizo believes that this is a convenience to find and solve problems, so that customers who have strict requirements on wear resistance, flame retardancy and antistatic properties can use the service for a long time after subscription

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