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HP will confirm that 3D printing has been widely used in manufacturing production

HP predicts that open material development and continuous production time will increase the demand for 3D printing and be more widely used in automotive parts production and other manufacturing industries

HP jetfusion3d4200 printer, which was shipped to users last year, can be used to manufacture automobile parts. (its sister product HP jetfusion3200 is designed for prototype development, which can shorten the preparation time before production.)

HP's 3D printer is based on its existing thermal spray printing technology. Davidtucker from the market development team of HP's 3D printing business unit explained that this technology uses powdered plastic materials, but unlike the selective laser sintering process, a single energy source tracks each layer of printing material to bond the particles together. HP's 3D printer uses a series of nozzles to complete the whole layer of printing at one time. The nozzle stores the melting agent into the powder in the correct shape, and the heating lamp at the top melts the material and applies the melting agent

regardless of the complexity of the product, the printing time required for each layer is the same. Tucker said that if the laser tracks each part, the production time is more balanced. For large-scale production activities, such as using 20 nozzles at one time instead of one, the production time can be 10 times faster than SLS


Tucker said:" the time required to produce this platform is the same whether it is a layer of parts or a layer constructed by parts. The time for the nozzle to return to the starting position through the substrate is the same as the time for melting across some composite material reports and databases in the United States for the first time, but the time required for other processes is not the same. "

HP relies on customers to develop different materials to meet the process needs of different applications. The platform provided by the company is called HP open platform. Evonik, a German material supplier, is the first company to provide 3D printing materials that have been demonstrated. The material provided by Evonik is powdery and based on nylon 12. It can be used in 4200 printer at present. Another material based on nylon 11 is under development

with the ready-made material open formula, customers can develop materials according to their own specifications, and then send them to HP to demonstrate whether they are applicable to the jetfusion system. Tucker said, "we are a printing company. Our employees have vertical knowledge, but for special professional and specific performance, there are different applications in different fields, and we must rely on our partners. Sometimes the fluctuation is even large. They verify the printing requirements, approve the material specifications, and then we develop the customer writing system to melt these materials in the jetfusion system to realize 3D printing."

forecast3d, a 3D printing service provider in California, will use HP's jetfusion printer to demonstrate mass production. The company has established a new 3D manufacturing center in kasbad, outside of Santiago, the total flow increase department, and installed 12 4200 printers. It is said that the center has been opened to the public in July and can produce 600000 end-use parts per week

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