The hottest XCMG loader today, when does Changying

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XCMG loader: today's Changying in hand, when to bind Canglong

XCMG loader: today's Changying in hand, when to bind Canglong

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Guide: XCMG large tonnage Energy efficient loading "Consumers also hope to use natural materials to make packaging material machines to lead the new trend of industry development. Inscription: Xuzhou has always been a place for strategists and heroes, the so-called tiger roaring dragon chanting emperor state. In those days, the founding emperor of the Han Dynasty Liu Bang killed the White Snake here drunk, and the overlord of the Western Chu state Xiang Yu chose Pengcheng as the capital. In 1951, 1965...


Xuzhou has been a place for strategists and heroes since ancient times, the so-called tiger roaring dragon Yindiwang state. Liu Bang, the founding emperor of the Han Dynasty, killed the White Snake here drunk, and Xiang Yu, the overlord of the Western Chu state, chose Pengcheng as the capital. In less than 15 years from 1951 to 1965, Mao Zedong went to Xuzhou seven times. The majestic past and heroic heroes are engraved on the 100 foot high platform of Xuzhou, and also permeated in the temperament of the city, which determines that it is necessary to have new understanding, new ideas and new actions to do a good job in all kinds of work, which has achieved the despotic spirit of pulling out mountains and rivers and the heroic courage of breaking through busses and sinking boats. Today, the most distinctive symbol in this city is XCMG and the "golden armor" all over the city. Even if it has already completed the world-class transformation, as a well deserved leader in China's construction machinery industry, XCMG still has a distinctive character and characteristics because of this soil and water - the king's atmosphere of taking the lead and being arrogant, the fearless spirit of breaking through the boat to the death, and the most important thing is not to discuss the freedom and generosity of heroes based on success or failure

XCMG lw1200k loader won the Top50 technology of China Construction Machinery in 2010, which also provided strong support for aluminum Shandong enterprises to improve the research and utilization capacity of high-end materials. The Gold Award for technological innovation

in the field of China's construction machinery, the loader industry is the most mature industry with the most full market competition. In 2011, the 26 major mainframe manufacturers in the industry sold about 246000 loaders, an increase of 14%. At the same time of continuous growth, the industry has come to the eve of reform. Not only has the growth rate of the industry narrowed, which is different from that of that year, but also with the upgrading of users and markets and the establishment of national emission standards, the oscillation and reshuffle of the industry are inevitable. When local loader enterprises still use profits and common faults of development 3: space for a short time market share, foreign enterprises have launched potential attacks on China's construction machinery industry from key technologies

at a time when China's loader industry is full of variables and the pattern and status are expected to be reconstructed, when market chaos is frequent and price competition and large-scale shopping are unsustainable, who can lead the industry to embark on a path of sustainable development and lead the industry out of the maze

Datang International Xilinhot mining company Shengli East No.2 open pit coal mine - XCMG lw800k loader exhibition charm

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after five years of basic research and development, a lot of funds and personnel have been invested. As soon as XCMG's large tonnage and energy-saving loaders were launched, they attracted the favor of high-end users of loaders in China. In the technological breakthrough, XCMG has integrated the world's cutting-edge technology; Strengthen the whole supporting supply chain and system; Completed the data collection and tracking of agents and users all over the country. In this inevitable positional battle, XCMG, with its deep understanding of products, technology, services and industrial chain, has completed its perfect adherence to and encirclement of the loader market against the background of multiple changes in China's loader industry

behind the market planning, XCMG is well versed in the way of world technology development, and the strategic thinking formed from the industrial and global perspective is clearly visible. First, it accurately positions the trend of large-scale and high-end loader products in China and develops large tonnage loaders; Second, standing on the crest of the tide of energy conservation and emission reduction in the world, promote energy-saving products; Third, the high-end loader with a completely upgraded transmission has completely broken through the key technologies of electronic transmission and wet drive axle, and has become the first enterprise in the industry with independent intellectual property rights for key parts technology, which is also a real breakthrough for domestic loaders. The profound significance of XCMG's large tonnage, energy-saving products and high-end loaders is easier to understand on the coordinates interwoven by the longitude formed by deep technical accumulation and the latitude created by the continuous enrichment of product lines and deep internationalization

enterprise operation is nothing more than R & D, manufacturing and sales, which essentially tests the enterprise's judgment and understanding of industry and market trends. The success of products in the market and the increase of enterprise market share cannot be simply attributed to the present

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