The hottest XCMG loader family moved to Huangshan

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XCMG loader family moved to "Huangshan"

Langshan port, located at the foot of the beautiful Langshan Mountain on the North Bank of the Yangtze River Estuary, is an important member of Nantong port group. When they came to Langshan port, they were attracted by several "Huangshan Mountains" on the freight yard far away. Under the sunshine, they reflected the bright warm sunshine, but also formed a beautiful picture with the blue sky, the Yangtze River, and cargo ships

XCMG loader family moved "Huangshan"

the words "sulfur - high corrosion and large dust" on the gate plate of the freight yard made us instantly wake up from the reverie of "Huangshan". The "harm" degree of such highly corrosive materials to the equipment can be imagined, and the loader parked around the freight yard with vicissitudes is the best proof

the words "sulfur - the long durability of the high corrosion road logo is attributed to the special formula of reactive resin and large dust" on the door plate of the freight yard

XCMG loader family moved to "Huangshan"

with excellent products, it has been recognized by customers.

in this harsh environment, XCMG loaders are the main force of port operations, and dozens of them have been in effect here. In October this year, they came to a new partner, four XCMG V series loaders. XCMG loader family works together for the port

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