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XCMG launched the "for better life" global precision public welfare project

XCMG launched the "for better life" global precision public welfare project

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recently, Xuzhou Construction machinery also provides a longer service life than metal hard valve seats or other thermoplastic soft valve seats. The group's "for better life" global precision public welfare project was officially launched, striving to be more standardized and systematic, scientific and Systematically practice enterprise society in the world and spread XCMG's public welfare values

Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, said at the launching ceremony that under the new normal of the national economy, XCMG will take on more responsibilities in the global society, devote the kindness and fraternity of all its staff, and accurately help the pressure testing machine that all mankind needs care. How to do on-site fault inspection when it is being constructed

in 2016, XCMG will speed up the construction of precision assistance, resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprises through the continuous promotion and precise implementation of global precision public welfare projects, gradually create a new image of unique public welfare brands, and strive to practice the corporate society in a more standardized, systematic, scientific and systematic manner, and spread XCMG's public welfare values

it is reported that in recent years, based on the national targeted poverty alleviation strategy, XCMG has focused on the five public welfare fields of earthquake relief, poverty alleviation and poverty relief, education and student aid, industry development and green environmental protection, and planned to carry out 12 global public welfare projects, such as XCMG's "blue dream children's trip", "African Water Cellar", "global scholarship", and green creativity competition

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