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XCMG loaders: leading technology, lean manufacturing opens the road opening journey

XCMG loaders: leading technology, lean manufacturing opens the road opening Journey 4. Convenient installation and protection

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there are 1000 loaders, there are 1000 different loading forces. XCMG loaders have a wide range of products, which has also contributed to the diversification of forces to a certain extent. From the establishment of XCMG loader factory in 1949 to 1999, the industry first introduced China's third-generation loader - ZL50G. In 2010, China's largest tonnage loader - lw1200k supposing that the fixture was successfully developed according to the structure. In the same year, the industry first introduced liquefied natural gas loader - lw500k-lng, and then successively launched 6-ton and 8-ton LNG products. XCMG loaders gradually moved away from the road of technology research and development, becoming a well deserved leader in the industry. The leading technology, Lean quality manufacturing, professional service, and every detail of the product are all deliberated and improved, highlighting the wisdom of reducing air pollution in the car

people under the mountains

whether willing or not, life is always urging us to move forward. Where people pack up, set out, trek, and settle down, they can live in their homes

in the morning, just before dawn, Master Zhang, the loader operator who lives at the foot of the mountain, got up and went to the quarry. The creator gave this place unique natural conditions. Water and stone produce subtle chemical reactions in the eternal time tunnel, resulting in high-strength and high-durability high-quality stones

in response to the agricultural civilization, the stone mining under the mountains takes the sun as a reference, works at sunrise and rests at sunrise. Every day, Master Zhang must be the first to come to the quarry. The first thing to do is to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the two XCMG loaders in the responsible area: the water level of the water tank, the oil volume of the fuel tank, the state of the working hydraulic oil, the tightness of the pipeline, tire pressure, fasteners, control rods. Master Zhang never misses every detail he can see. The sun gradually spread over the hills, and the workers and teachers came one after another. Everything was in place, and master Zhang's day's work officially began

two XCMG loaders started at the same time

Master Zhang's main task is to ship the blasted stones. Shovel loading, as the most basic operation of the quarry, can best reflect the operating level of the manipulator and the working performance of the loader. The operation in the quarry is dangerous, and the stone is of heavy quality, which has extremely high requirements for the body strength, bucket wear resistance and safety. XCMG loader is characterized by heavy load and heavy weight. Its frame design after box welding of high-strength steel plate is solid and reliable with stronger bearing capacity; The bucket is made of high-strength wear-resistant materials, and the key parts are specially strengthened to effectively prevent the bucket from twisting and deforming under the action of gravity; All directional anti falling objects and wide vision provide a safe and stable working environment for operators. As a teacher for more than ten years, Master Zhang's cooperation with the loader is perfect. A heavy truck came, and master Zhang calmly shoveled from the bottom of the stone. The loader moved forward at a low speed, inserted the bucket into the stone pile, and then increased the bucket feeding speed until the bucket was full. Then, the bucket is retracted, the boom is raised, the loader is retreated, and the operation of shoveling and loading more than 5T stones at a time is completed. Such repetition will not take a few minutes for the heavy truck to return with full load

Master Zhang and XCMG lw500kl

the people under the mountain, they respect and love the mountain, and the mountain is also his first food and clothing parents. At sunrise and sunset, Master Zhang finished the day's work after routine inspection and maintenance of the loader. Tomorrow, with the steps of the sun, the mountain will wake up and the life under the mountain will start again

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