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According to the statistics of Brazilian customs, the import amount of rubber and plastic product molds in Brazil in 2000 was US $10.59 million, a decrease of 26.24% from US $14.31 million in 1999

this is mainly because the production technology of Brazil's mold industry has been greatly improved than before, and the price has fallen sharply, thus replacing imports. At present, elasticity - the ability of the material to return to its original shape after the load causing its deformation is removed. 75% of the large molds and high value-added molds in Brazil come from Germany, Italy, Spain, Canada and other countries, and the molds of large injection products below 2500 tons are mainly imported

in the mold Market in Brazil, the large and precision molds used in the automotive industry or household appliance industry are mainly American and European products. This is mainly because the United States and some European countries have investment projects in Brazil for automobiles and household appliances, so the molds used in new products come from all countries of the parent company

there are about 1200 manufacturers of plastic product moulds in Brazil, mainly concentrated in Sao Paulo and joinvili, but there are not many manufacturers that can produce moulds of more than 20 tons of products. There are about 100 mold manufacturers in Brazil, but they are also small enterprises, which can only produce plastic product molds of less than 10 tons. Ruoenvili mainly produces construction molds, followed by auto parts molds and home appliance molds

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