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On September 23, the Research Report on promoting independent innovation, transformation and upgrading of China's Electromechanical industry, released at the 11th China international Electromechanical Products Expo held in Wuhan, said that with the continuous expansion of fixed asset investment in China's equipment industry, the demand for machine tools is increasing, and the import price of China's machine tools has increased this year, The import volume hit a monthly high since 2008

this report jointly released by the China Chamber of Commerce for the import and export of mechanical and electrical products and the Organizing Committee Office of the Machinery Expo said that the error is generally negative. Since February 2010, China's machine tool imports have increased year-on-year for three consecutive months, of which 11000 were imported in April, with a year-on-year increase of 1.5 times. Generally, when we do experiments, the chain growth is 3.9%, and the import volume has exceeded 10000 for two consecutive months, a new monthly import volume since 2008

it is worth noting that the average import and export unit price of CNC machine tools (including machining centers) has changed significantly: compared with 2008, the import unit price increased, the export unit price decreased, and the terms of trade deteriorated. In 2008, the average unit price of imports was 160700 US dollars and the average unit price of exports was 34500 US dollars; In 2009, the import was US $221700 and the export was US $31400

according to the report, the export price of machine tools in China is quite different from the import price, which is obviously reflected in CNC metal processing machine tools and modular machine tools. The ratio of export price to import price of these two machine tools is 0.11 and 0.01 respectively, indicating that the domestic technical content and export procedure of these two high-tech products can be preset, and the export competitiveness is far from that of foreign products. At present, there are few manufacturers mastering high-precision and cutting-edge technologies in China. The high-end CNC machine tools required for economic development still rely mainly on imports, and the CNC systems and functional components required for medium and high-end CNC machine tools also mainly come from abroad

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