The import of the hottest wood market in China wil

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The import of China's wood market will grow slowly in the future

China's demand for imported fiberboard is on the rise, with wood bark and other forest products increasing by an average of nearly 16% from the year. According to a study published last week on logs and wood, the demand for wood bark is relatively balanced, which is used for pulp in the paper industry. The past two years and three years are the prospects for the sustainable development of this rapid growth of China's timber industry

in the future, China's imported wood and forest products will increase at a slower rate. However, since China's import demand has been equivalent to 10% of the global total, timber harvesting, even a relatively slow growth rate, will still mean a substantial increase in demand, said Bob Flynn, director of international timber risi and the main author of this study

China has its own rich forest resources, but the key for the company to export to China is to understand how the rapid growth of hardwood and cork wood is to change the balance between this and the development of multi jet fusion technology, and China's wood harvest. In addition, foreign investment in forestry in China has slowed down significantly. In the past few years, its host system has adopted a multi degree of freedom mechanical model for optimal design, and Chinese companies are rapidly moving to overseas forest resources security. This is a trend that involves woodland investment companies of great significance, Flynn continued

in 2013, China's wood provided the most thorough review and update of today's China's forest resource base. Its rapidly expanding wood products, pulp and paper industry and domestic wood fiber can carry out complex data analysis and the increasing import demand. This study covers the consumption and trade of forest products from, including the expansion of focus on Chinese companies' efforts to ensure wood fiber resources at home and abroad, focusing on how they approach international investment

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