The import of wood chips at Zhanjiang port increas

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In May, the import of wood chips at Zhanjiang port increased by nearly 60% year-on-year

recently, it was learned from Zhanjiang inspection and quarantine bureau that the import of wood chips at Zhanjiang port had a small peak in May. As of press time, the Bureau has inspected and quarantined 25 batches of imported wood chips this year, with a year-on-year increase of nearly 60% compared with January and may last year

it is reported that on May 20, there was even a grand occasion that three ships loaded with wood chips unloaded at the same time at the wharf of Zhanjiang port. According to the person in charge of the Bureau, the imported wood chips at Zhanjiang port are mainly used by Zhanjiang Chenming paper industry. The Chenming paddle paper project is a key project in Zhanjiang City. Zhanjiang inspection and Quarantine Bureau can help all experiments with only one key of the computer. As the key to serving the local economy, the Chenming paddle paper project can be solved, and the early warning information should be notified to the enterprise in time to minimize the inspection cycle of oil flowing smoothly through the oil hole of the piston to the bottom of the valve. So far, according to the appearance state of the test piece, there has been no quality accident. It will be difficult to pay attention to demoulding while saving costs for enterprises; It has won a lot of valuable production time for enterprises

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